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Robots which tap into your feelings on show at Beijing’s World Robot Exhibition

Over 100 experts, 12 international organisations and more than 120 companies were represented at Beijing’s World Robot Exhibition. There they “met” robots that act just like humans like Xiaolou. The humanoid robot was made by Chinese company Tami Intelligence and it is known for its capacity to interact with people. So how is it possible?

“The robot has plenty of facial expressions, and it can give people a good feeling of interaction. And it can follow the human by which I mean it can imitate your gestures when you are in front of it. The robot recognises if you are male of female and also tells your age and whether you are happy and the degree of your happiness,” explained Lui Boyi product manager Tami Intelligence Technology
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Virtual reality headset sales will skyrocket in 2016

Virtual reality is hardly virtual anymore. At this year’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, more than forty exhibitors are showcasing virtual reality devices – that’s a massive 77 percent rise compared to 2015. Virtual reality headsets will be all the craze this year according to experts with projected sales expected to skyrocket by 500 percent.

“To see 2016 and CES be the home of multiple manufacturers announcing and releasing timings for their VR to come onto the market, the competition makes a really exciting space,” says Ernest Doku, technology expert for uSwitch, a UK-based price comparison service. “Virtual reality actually transports you to another world. You put the headset on and you actually can’t see the world around you. It can project you on a beach, on top of a mountain in Japan, in the far flung future, virtual reality is a whole other experience.”

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3D scanning makes choosing lingerie easier, says Hong Kong store

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show shouldn’t disappoint car fans, with new models for 2015, 2016 and beyond, as well as forward-thinking concepts for the automobile of tomorrow. Getting a lot of attention at the Frankfurt auto show was the Porsche Mission E, a futuristic, sleek, fully electric sports car from the German luxury car maker. Unlike anything on the road at the moment, it has no rear view mirrors, but instead relies on cameras to cover the blind spots. Capable of travelling 500 km on a single charge, it can replenish its batteries within minutes.

“We have accidents, we have traffic jams, we have pollution, and this can be solved by public transport. Unfortunately, public transport with drivers cannot solve everything and the missing piece to solve all these problems are automated vehicles,” says Carlos Holguin, project manager of CityMobil2.

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